The Anti-Fraud Award

The Anti-Fraud Award is a token of appreciation for an individual, an organization or initiative that has made outstanding efforts in the fight against fraud and/or corruption, serving as an example and a source of inspiration to others.

Anti-Fraud Award Wall of Fame

These are the winners of the previous editions of the Anti-Fraud Award!

Nederlands Forensisch Instituut (NFI)

Thanks to the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) and, in part, the European collaboration project called EXFILES, numerous cryptophones utilized by serious criminals have been successfully decrypted. In this initiative, various law enforcement agencies and companies collaborate on developing novel methods and techniques to access cryptophones. Erwin van Eijk, the head of the Digital and Biometric Traces division at the NFI, stated, "EXFILES has significantly contributed to law enforcement agencies and the Public Prosecution Service gaining access to hundreds of phones, often in investigations related to serious organized crime."

John van den Heuvel Winnaar Anti Fraude Award

John van den Heuvel

The Expert Committee chose John van den Heuvel because, as a crime journalist for many years, he took risks, even if it meant sacrificing his personal freedom. As an author and TV personality, he does not mince his words. His books and reports have introduced organized crime and its protagonists to a wide audience. When necessary, he is not afraid to criticize the approach or the lack thereof. He does so in a professional manner, respecting the Police and the Judiciary, according to the Committee of Experts. A true crime fighter.
Chris van Dam ontvangt AFA2021

Chris van Dam

As chairman of the committee, this former police officer and public prosecutor investigated the childcare allowance, seeking justice with an eye for the human dimension.

With his vast knowledge and managerial insight, Chris van Dam is a critic of stature, who does not remain silent when wrongdoing comes to light, but speaks out honestly, factually, and with integrity at the right time and with the right impact. In often very sensitive cases, Chris van Dam has shown the ambition to always seek justice and connection, always delivering critical and forthright results. A good example is the way in which he led the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on Childcare Allowance. With great integrity and determination, according to the Committee of Experts.


Paul Depla

The Committee of Experts described Depla as: “A courageous man who is on a mission to show that things can be different.” He dares to go against the grain. This mayor has a clear and outspoken vision for the dealing with drug crime and knows what is going on in society. His opinion is heard and that inspires others to take risks. The Committee of Experts finds Paul Depla courageous and a man with a mission.


Bart de Koning

This journalist, driven by idealism, confronts the Netherlands in a thoughtful and nuanced way with the fact that it is not much better than other countries when it comes to fraud and corruption. With the book “Vriendjespolitiek: Fraude en corruptie in Nederland” (Favoritism: Fraud and corruption in the Netherlands), he contributes to the understanding of what motivates a fraudster, and why they often downplay their actions after they have been discovered.


Team High Tech Crime

It is inspiring to see that the government bringing in real “non-official” expertise to address issues that would otherwise go unaddressed. The Team has demonstrated in innovative and creative ways that digital investigation is a highly effective way to combat fraud. Their impressive operations have not only dealt a huge blow to online crime, but more importantly, have created uncertainty among cybercriminals.


Peter Olsthoorn

The working paper Big Data for Fraud Prevention shows good research and vision of data analytics for combating fraud. Olsthoorn provides a unique overview of government collaborations on big data. His research provides an objective view of data collection regarding purpose, transparency, privacy, and safety, showing that these need not be mutually exclusive in the fight against fraud. Peter Olsthoorn himself concludes that an objectified consideration of the potential advantages and disadvantages is required.


Transparency International

Transparency International is unique in the fight against fraud and corruption. Its approach is boundless, but it does not hesitate to expose corruption in the Netherlands. The Committee of Experts expresses its appreciation for the boundless ambition and visibility of Transparency International Netherlands, which makes it a formidable opponent of corrupt parties anywhere in the world.



Objective, independent and innovative, according to the Committee of Experts. In addition, the Committee of Experts praises the TV program primarily for exposing dubious practices without regard to individuals or organizations, and for warning civilians and businesses against a wide range of fraudulent practices.

Wie wint er in 2023?

The winner of this prestigious award in 2023, will be announced on the first festival day of the 9th edition of the Fraud Film Festival.

Nominations are open again starting this spring! 

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