We take you into the world of fraud and corruption.

Two days of films and documentaries about fraud, corruption, abuse of power, and integrity.

The festival

The Fraud Film Festival is an annual, two-day film festival. During the Fraud Film Festival, the phenomenon of fraud is explored and discussed from different angles. The difficult subject of fraud and corruption is brought to the attention of a wide audience through the screening of films and documentaries.

Tuschinski Fraude Film Festival

Waar doen we het voor?

All activities of the Fraud Film Festival stem from its mission: to stimulate and raise awareness of the impact of fraud.

The Fraud Film Festival does this by bringing together different networks within the public and private sectors. The screening of inspiring documentaries and the participation in critical debates are central to this. The Fraud Film Festival takes a neutral, independent position within these debates. The aim is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, stimulating debate, and promoting measures to prevent and combat fraud.

Two days of films and documentaries

During the Fraud Film Festival, a variety of films and documentaries are screened to give audiences insight into the complexities and consequences of fraud. The films often highlight notorious fraud cases from the past or bring current fraud issues to light. They may also illustrate the impact of fraud on individuals, businesses, and society.

The first day is a private day and open exclusively to partners and their invited guests, primarily business and government executives and board members, as well as national and international fraud and integrity professionals.

The second day is open to the public, and tickets can be purchased on the website. Again, partners and interested parties from the private and public sectors will be present. In addition, more and more educational institutions are also present on this day.

Apart from showcasing films and documentaries, the prestigious Anti-Fraud Award is presented annually, interactive A-Lab sessions are conducted each year, and ample networking opportunities abound for making new connections.