Films 2023

Experience the Fraud Film Festival live at the illustrious Koninklijk Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam. Join us for a captivating showcase of films that delve deep into the world of fraud, deception, and ethical dilemmas.

Films hosted by our partners

Cryptoqueen: The Onecoin Scam 

Ruja Ignatova turned her cryptocurrency One Coin into a hype and fooled everyone. She disappeared with the money - destination unknown - and is on the FBI's most wanted list. How could this happen?

Partner: ABN AMRO & FIOD

Theme: Crypto scam

Green Warriors: Netherlands Chemicals Forever

Residents in France expose the lies of the industry in their region about PFAS emissions and seek help in the Netherlands.

Partner: BRZO
Thema: Climate fraud

Food Fraud: An Organized Crime 

Criminals make billions with food fraud and infiltrate ever deeper into the food chain.  This fly-on-the-wall documentary follows investigators, journalists, and whistleblowers. 

Partner: NVWA / OM

Thema: Food fraud

The Caviar Connection

Nail-biting documentary about dictatorial regimes buying political influence in the West. Journalists and dissidents expose a system of structural corruption.

Partner: Nederlands Helsinki Comité

Thema: Political corruption

The Price of Cheap

A poignant portrait of modern slavery and labor exploitation in the garment industry and the chain from production to sale.   

Partners: Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie & Openbaar Ministerie (OM)

Thema: Labor exploitation

WOOD. Game-Changers Undercover

Billions are made annually from illegal logging. Wood follows investigators on their undercover mission to expose a criminal timber syndicate. 

Partner: Deloitte & ILT

Thema: (un)fair production chain

Starring Jerry as Himself

A heartwarming documentary about Jerry; a recently retired Taiwanese immigrant who is recruited by the Chinese police to uncover an international money laundering scandal. Nothing is what it seems.

Partner: Ordina / Inform

Thema: Elderly fraud

The Crime of the Century

A searing indictment of Big Pharma and the political operatives and government regulations that enable over-production, reckless distribution and abuse of synthetic opiates, this documentary the origins, extent and fallout of one of the most devastating public health tragedies of our time.

Partners: VGZ & Fortress

Thema: Healthcare fraud


Working Woman

Orna’s career takes off when she starts a new position at a real estate agency. While Orna embraces her new position, she begins to experience escalating sexual harassment from her boss. Classic Me Too story with a plot twist.  

Partner: PwC

Thema: Cross-border behaviour

Gold Mafia, El Dorado

Undercover reporters pose as gangsters with up to a billion dollars of black money that needs to be cleared. They gain remarkable access to members of Africa’s Gold Mafia and film closed-door meetings with crime bosses. 

Partner: NSOC

Thema: Gold and money laundering

Anti Fraude Award

Who will win the Anti Fraud Award this year?

The award ceremony for 2023 will take place on Thursday evening, November 2nd!

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My Old School

What drives a 32-year-old man to pretend to be a 16-year-old high school student and succeed? Heartwarming documentary about identity fraud, good intentions and (un)faith.

Partner: Cleversoft Forensics & Rabobank

Thema: Artificial Intelligence